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Terms & Conditions
Ardents Hauling Does not accept Hazardous Waste, Chemically Treated Wood, Paint, Oil or Explosive Material.

Customer assumes full responsibility for all rental equipment from the time of delivery until the time of pickup Ardent's Residential Hauling is not responsible for any damage to driveway due to spilling or dropping of heavy items at the time of loading. This includes any rust, oil, or tire marks that may be left on customer's driveway.

Customer is responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the time of renting and loading equipment. Customer agrees to load container in a safe manner, always placing heaviest items on the bottom, over the wheel axels. WARNING!! Never remove utility trailer's wheel chalks, this will cause the trailer to roll. Customer also agrees to only fill container to the pre-discussed height, or be subject to a surcharge. These are all safety risks that could result in injury, or death.

Customer is responsible for any theft of equipment or equipment's components during the time of renting. Customer is responsible for any major damages that may occur, or major repairs that might be needed to equipment after being in their possession; for example vandalism, or graffiti.

Customer is responsible for any hazardous toxic, or infectious materials found in containers leaving their job site. Customer agrees to load only pre-discussed items or materials into rental equipment. Customer assumes full responsibility for any fees resulting from transferring, spilling, or dumping of these forbidden materials found leaving their job site. This includes paint and oil.

Customer agrees to not move or remove rental equipment from the original location at the original address agreed upon at the time of arrival for the duration of our service. Never attempt to lift and push containers to a different location. Never hook any of Ardent's Residential Hauling's equipment to your own vehicles, we do not allow customers to tow our equipment! Never remove the wheel chalks, these are all safety risks that may result in injury, or death.

There is a $35 charge for all returned checks. We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone, at any time, for any reason. We will pick up our equipment full or empty at the pre-discussed time, and date. No refunds.

Bed Mattresses or box-springs have a charge of $32.00 each.

Tires have a charge of $10.00 each.

We will relocate container for a $20.00 additional charge.

We will bring container back if you forgot to put something (not to exceed 50lbs) in it for a $20.00 charge.

There will be a $5.00 additional charge for each day over your 3 day service duration.

Warning!! Never leave children unattended near hauling equipment. Never let children play in, under, or around the containers, and utility trailers. Please, safety is our main concern!! (Revised 2019) When signing your sales invoice, you automatically agree to all terms and conditions listed above.