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Container Content Restrictions

Hazardous Waste:

Ardent's Hauling does not accept Hazardous Waste, Chemically Treated Wood, Paint, Oil or Explosive Material.

Dense Material:

Dense material is defined as rock,dirt,brick, roofing materials and concrete. The price may vary due to the amount of material and it's weight. Ardent's Hauling reserves the right to charge the appropriate amount according to the dump charges involved. This requires a call to determine a reasonable price. You can Email us at or Call (925) 595-1448 to discuss.


Mattress or box-springs have a Charge, $32.00 each.


Tires have a charge of $10.00 each.

Mixed Loads:

Do not mix Dense Materials with normal trash or yard waste. If you are not sure about a load mixture consult with Ardent's Hauling to verify. Additional Charges may apply.

See Terms & Conditions for further information.